Want to help change the life of a parent and their very young child? You’re not alone. Join the YPN volunteer team and start to make a difference. YPN and the families we work with everyday need YOU!

Become a YPN volunteer

To be eligible to become a YPN volunteer, an individual must be 16 years or older to volunteer unsupervised or 10-15 years old to volunteer with guardian supervision and complete all necessary paperwork.

Required for eligibility
  • Complete a background check in accordance to the Code of Iowa

  • Agree to uphold the confidentiality of our participants

  • Commit to an established amount of time

  • Have a genuine interest in YPN and our mission

Fill out the form below if you would like to be contacted about volunteer opportunities with YPN.

    Group Meetings

    As we safely return to in-person prenatal and parenting groups, we will need some additional volunteers to assist with meal cleanup and childcare. Join us at Kirkwood Community College (Cedar Hall 3rd Floor) in SW Cedar Rapids on Thursdays from 5:30-7:30pm. Some of the volunteer roles for Group meetings include:

    • Serve the evening meal

    • Provide on-site childcare for children 0-5 years of age
    • Facilitate prenatal, moms, dads, or Hispanic group discussions
    • Prepare and/or facilitate parent/child activities
    • Assist with YPN quarterly activity nights or other special events

    • Speak on a parenting topic of expertise

    We Care Shop

    Want to interact with our awesome YPN donors and participants? Some of the volunteer roles in the We Care Shop include:

    • Accept and sort donations

    • Help participants shop for items

    • Assist participants with checkout

    Eastern Iowa Diaper Bank

    Support families who engage in healthy behaviors. Parents can participate in YPN programs, Eastern Iowa Health Center prenatal and well-child visits, and HACAP/WIC well-child programs and use their points for diapers & wipes. Some of the volunteer roles in the Eastern Iowa Diaper Bank include:

    • Sort & bag diapers into packs of 50

      (can be done on or off-site)

    • Assist during diaper bank drive-up distribution hours

      (Mondays 1-5pm & Thursdays 2:30-5:30pm)

    • Assist YPN staff with inventory & other duties to maintain flow

    Ready to Read

    Do you love to read? Help plant the seeds of the importance of early literacy with both parents and children. Visit Ready to Read for more info. Some of the volunteer roles for Ready to Read include:

    • Serve the evening meal

    • Lead a family in either infant, toddler, or preschool literacy skills

    • Provide on-site childcare as needed for older children

    Lunch & Literacy

    Summer time reading is fun, and you can be part of improving literacy skills in school-age children. Here is how to do it. Visit Lunch & Literacy for current site locations, dates and times.

    Ready to join us?

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      Many parents aren’t prepared for the challenges of raising a family. Your support powers the programs that offer them hope.