Ready to Read

Children today are expected to enter school with many more skills than previous generations, including social, emotional, and communication skills, in addition to a basic knowledge of math and literacy. The YPN Ready to Read program works with families with children ages 0-5 years to build upon beginning literacy skills by offering parent and child reading activities. The core areas of focus include: print knowledge, vocabulary, phonological awareness, and narrative.

A Ready to Read activity typically follows this format:

  • A shared meal between each family
  • Four workshop stations, one for each area of literacy focus (Print, Vocabulary, Phonological, Narrative), for parents and their child
  • Structured free reading or reading activity
  • Evening ends with each family taking two books home to practice skills learned
  • Parents will also have access to handouts and take home information regarding continued skill development

Want more information on Ready to Read?

For more information about the YPN Ready to Read program please contact Meridith Myers.
Email Meridith or call 319.364.8909


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